Master Planning Phases

The development of the Campus Plan update will take place in two phases. Phase One will update the current campus master plan map to include new development that occured following the 2013 Campus Master Plan update and validate the location of currently planned capital improvement projects on campus.

Phase Two will update the Campus Master Plan in four main sub-phases that will guide the campus planning process:

  • Mobilization and Discovery
  • Analysis and Schematic
  • Review and Recommendations
  • Final Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Campus Master Plan

In the Mobility and Discover phase, the planning team will collect information and analyze the existing conditions. IN the Analysis and Schematic phase, the existing conditions will be evaluated for opportunities and constraints for future growth and development. In the Review and Recommendations phase, recommendations will be made to assist university leadership with future decision making. In the Final phase, the planning team will prepare the final Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Campus Master Plan using the information from previous phases.


TA318663_Campus Master Planning Process Diagram_190322-01